Saturday, January 30, 2010

This Classy Joint

Ok, so I know tepid jazz funk is not a very fashionable sound right now, but I've had a soft spot for it for a long time. All instrumental, all more or less groovy groovers. Jam it at your next dinner party.


johnny pate - you're starting too fast
kenny burrell - burning spear
mikis theodorakis - serpico
freddie robinson - smoking
deodato & donato - nightripper
david newman - foxy brown
charles earland - one for scotty
monk montgomery - little os
baden powell - coisa no
ulysses crockett - resurgence
dave pike - sweet tater pie
silhouettes - red snow
young holt unlimited - bumpin' on young street
morning, noon & night - time
jay dees - ILSP
ran blake - spiral
julian priester - love, love (excerpt)
randy weston - in memory of
mike longo - wyyowa
charlie mariano - F minor happy
gary saracho - sr baker pt. 1
mongo - promised land
steve reid - lions of juda
ron cremisio - RCQ
sky caps - el bote

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Disenfranchised Fuzzboxes

part 1

x-treems - facts of life (st. louis, MI)
golliwogs - fight fire (el cerrito, CA)
denims - white ship (1966)
chymes - he's not there anymore (L.A.)
the odyssey - little boy, little girl (L.A.)
marauders - since i met you
kavaliers - congregation for anti-flirts, inc. (texas)
moonrakers - i'm allright (L.A.)
rumblers - leave me alone (L.A.)
sir david & his knights - shotgun (texas)
conrad & thee travelin' lights - a la media noche (texas)
vince maloney sect - no good (australia)
the eggy - you're still mine (england 1969)
liverpool 5 - she (england)
beachniks - last night i cried (iowa 1965)
the specktrum - confetti (rhode island 1967)
the sounds - little joe (texas)
the fugs - couldnt get high (NYC 1965)
memphis goons - get off your ass jon jon
acid - the story of LSD (1971 filmstrip)

part 2

samples & campbell
los yorks - mira tu (peru)
tamrons - wild man (NC)
jim tarbutton & memphis sound - the mysterian
sonny flaherty - hey conductor (ohio)
swingin' apolloes - slow down (louisiana)
blue things - orange rooftop of your mind (kansas)
sidewalk surfers - strawberry tuesday (L.A.)
the fire escape - love special delivery (L.A.)
raik's progress - why did you rob us, tank? (fresno, CA)
sounds of tyme - to understand mankind (NC)
the male - you're playing with fire (alabama)
she - outta reach (sacramento, CA)
flower power - you make me high (louisiana)
savage resurrection - thing in e (SF)
parish hall - my eyes are getting heavy (SF)
thorndike pickledish - san francisco bound