Saturday, September 26, 2009

Keep It Tight, Not Tough


tommy lee & autographs - i know
junior wells - sweet darling think it over
king solomon - ain't it funky ya'll
bobby eaton - we gonna do our thing
vernard johnson - soul metamorphosis
ozz & the sperlings - somebody to love
biggie ratt - escape
el pooks - psychedelic soul pt.2
richard shann - wooly buger pt.1
sugar - main man pt.2
kenny & larry - you and I are through
eddie jackson - memories of a dream
barons - society
dynamic concepts - what you want us to do pt.2
joe bataan - es tu cosa
marky lee - she's looking good
alton ellis - girl i got a date (soul version)


los johnny jets - apretado
bobby williams - boogaloo mardi gras pt.2
gloria soul & cold grits - satisfy my hunger
bebbe & the hitmakers - ooh cha lue
lovelettes - i can't forget about you
swinging bridgettes - secret spy
billy preston - slaughter
inclines - pressure cooker pt.1
brenda devlin - were you ever lonely
jean elias - how long can i go on fooling myself
bobby bland - i'm so tired
bobby powell - peace begins within
hifi white - bulldog pt.2

Friday, September 11, 2009

Tails You Lose (Sophisticated Losers 2)

chucho avellanet - prisionero
sonny knight - permanently lonely
tammy mcknight - stop these teardrops
james & bobby purify - i don't want to have to wait
mischief makers - outside looking in
swamp rats - mister sad
julie monday - time is running out for me
the unknown? - you could help me ease the pain
los chijuas - dream slave
carlos guzman - before & after
joe bravo - teardrops from my heart
noe & semitones - oh darling
los diablos - ceniza
roberto carlos - querem acaba
bobby reed - i'll find a way
midniters - giving up on love
outsiders - i can't see you anymore
blue notes - goodbye my lover
dave love - baby hard times
mina - runaway
secos & molhados - minha namorada
wando - amor maior
bourbonese qualk - behind closed doors
henry & the tribe - never
melgar brothers - love is blue
dahle scott - one more for the road