Friday, February 26, 2010

She's Too Way Out

nolan strong & the diablos - my heart will always belong to you
richard berry - good love
doctor feelgood & the interns - mister moonlight
the mascots - lonely rain
the four deuces - WPLJ
georgie young - the sneak
junior wells - stomach ache
june gardner - hammerhead
the nite owls - hip monkey
bowlegs - one more time part 2
JC davis - the splib part 1
the starlets - money hungry
the hollywood jills - he makes me mad
gloria garcia - no puedes extranar
albert collins - whatcha say
JD edwards - hobo
ersel hickey - goin' down that road
rockin r's - crazy baby
move up to chrysler

Friday, February 12, 2010

Fat Laces of 1983

Dug this one out of the digital attic the other day: a short all-electro megamix I labored over and gave up on a few years ago. Not the smoovest thing you'll ever hear. I recommend dubbing this one to cassette first.