Wednesday, December 30, 2009

prequel to a hasbeen, part two

T. Cary & W Burt excerpt
Imre Mihaly Bereczky - Kanasztulok-Dallam (recorded in Hungary by Bartok, 1914)
Stuart Dempster - Standing Waves
Kent Carter - Song for Cannonball
Laraaji - Dance #3
Youngs, Wickham-Smith, A Band - Zene
Empire Centrafricain OCORA 101 excerpt
William Stafford - In the Museum
Tod Dockstader - Drone
Bulent Arel - Capriccio for T.V.
Golden Voyage - Crystal Carousel excerpt
buddy dial edit
Baba Ram Dass excerpt
Joaquin Bautista - Flor de Canela (recorded in Michoacan by Henrietta Yurchenko, 1964-5)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

prequel to a hasbeen, part one

Vladimir Ussachevsky - Wireless Fantasy
Quiet Sun - RFD
Biota - Vagabones excerpt
Glaxo Babies - Dahij
bamboo drums (recorded in Tahiti by Mazaire)
Hessian Radio Symphony Orchestra/CPEMS - Synthesis (composed by Otto Leuning)
Edgar Froese - Maroubra Bay excerpt
Vasilisk - Acqua
Mic Holwin - Amon Ra
Alden Ashforth - Sailing to Byzantium
Swami Kriya Ramananda - Devata
Song of the Greek Mountains (PHILIPS PCC613)
rulie garcia/CSM edit
bollywood edit

stay tuned for a part two